Walking barefoot is the most direct and easiest way to get back to natural movement and alignment. Pain in the musculoskeletal system and in the feet is thus reduced and prevented. In the age of shoes with rigid and fixed soles, people have lost the naturally created “way of walking”. This leads to the fact that 98% of people roll over the heel, instead of relaxed – as seen in children – with the forefoot first. The ball of the foot is the natural “cushioning” of the foot and protects the joints from violent and constant shocks.

Using simple exercises for young and old, we discover barefoot walking and the mobility of our feet. By activating the nerves on the sole of the foot, blood circulation is stimulated and cardiovascular functions are strengthened.

We use practical exercises to teach “Tara – Natural Walking / Running”. The aim is to return to natural movement. We teach a holistic exercise program that anyone who likes to move and sweat a little can take part in. It’s not about performance and speed, but about the joy of movement.

Tara Natural Walking is an alternative to conventional forms of walking that is easy on the joints. Tara walking draws more attention to your own body awareness and breathing. Tara walking includes meditative approaches that can be easily integrated into everyday life. We have developed Tara Natural Running for runners and joggers.

  • Introduction to natural movement, walking, standing and running
  • Theory and practice of walking barefoot
  • Exercises for grounding and stability
  • Barefoot ball walking yoga (promotes mindfulness in everyday life and stability)
  • Exercises to straighten and correct body statics / posture
  • Foot and joint exercises to relax and build up the muscles
  • Tara Natural Walking as an innovative form of barefoot walking
  • Tara Natural Running as a form of running that is easy on the joints (depending on the target group)
  • Coordination and stability training

Here you can find my online courses on the topic of “Natural Movement”