Online bunion school

The Online Ball Gang School

Would you like to learn the forefoot strike at your home or in the garden? We have put together a unique video course for you with lots of information about the forefoot strike and great practical exercises. The course is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced students and is regularly supplemented and updated.

The following contents are taught in this online course:

  • Change to a body statics that is easy on the joints and the back
  • why the feet are the key to better health
  • how flat feet, splay feet and flat feet can develop
  • How to strengthen the arch of the foot and thereby prevent and regenerate postural defects and foot malpositions
  • simple exercises for more mobility with less tension and pain
  • an innovative bunion yoga form to improve posture while walking and running
  • Tips for sensible and healthy “footwear

Have fun learning the bale walk!