About us

Hand-Made! Production with high quality

Our barefoot sandals are lovingly made with care and effort in selected manufactories. Du The place of production is indicated directly in the description in the online store.

We pay attention to the best quality materials and prefer orthopedic and low-pollutant materials. Our adhesives are tuluol-free and have proven themselves on longer tours.

Each model we have tested for you, and adjusted until we were completely satisfied. The Tarasoles barefoot sandals are a project of the Quercura e.V. association.

It is close to our heart to combine real handwork and sustainability. Our storage facilities are located in an old estate in the middle of nature in Lower Franconia. Here we organize seminars in the summer and regular open days.

Sabine Schumacher, CEO

By profession I am a naturopath and coach for over 20 years. It is important to me to give people an innovative approach with which they can sustainably improve their health. Since I am an avid runner myself, I went in search of suitable footwear and finally developed the Tarasoles barefoot sandals. I quickly realized that most pain and problems in the musculoskeletal system are caused by an unnatural gait or running pattern. I always encourage my clients to switch to soft and flexible barefoot shoes to enable a longer-term transition to a natural movement. Over the years, I have developed new methods, such as bale walk yoga, tara natural walking/running which body can reconcile mind and soul. The meditative forms of movement and exercises are easy to integrate into everyday life.