The school project

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We are looking for generous sponsors and charitable support to implement this school project.

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Let’s bring creativity and agility to schools together!

We create beautiful colorful Tarasoles barefoot sandals with children and teachers in class. For this we have developed a special craft kit directly for this project, so everything is very easy to implement. Each child is given a matching flexible sole, which is then perforated with our instructions and laced directly to the feet. All our materials are tested for harmful substances and have selected orthopedic quality, because already at a young age we want to create awareness for healthy footwear and the feet. Of course, this costs a few euros.

Support this charitable project as a sponsor or through generous donations of materials.

During the 2-3 hours, the “Tarasoles School Team”, trained by us, will also playfully teach a few easy barefoot walking exercises. This provides a lot of fun and agility for all involved.

Of course we will also bring “Tario”, our bear mascot.

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Want to be part of the Tarasoles school team?

To implement this project, we need enthusiastic people to join our school team at various locations.

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