Happy Godo!

Ten years ago, I myself was affected by persistent knee pain. That was the beginning of my research on “natural and healthy movement”.
A new and holistic path opened up for me that gave me lasting relief from chronic pain.
During this time I read the book “Godo – Walking with the Heart” by Dr. Peter Greb. To the literature list (click here)

Now also in English: “The True Walk
This reading finally gave me a satisfactory answer to my questions:

Why had I felt for some time that my walking and running did not feel easy and flowing?
Is there a possibility to get more joy of life and health via the gait?
Are the feet the key to numerous chronic diseases of mankind?
How can each of us get health easily and simply?

Out of these questions arose in me the heart’s desire to record a video email course with Dr. Peter Greb.

As a general practitioner and holistic physician, he spent 40 years discovering and researching man’s genetically designed form of movement and had profound insights:

Yes, it exists – a gait that keeps us healthy and agile into old age – but we unlearned and forgot it early!

Small films are the simplest and for me the best way to inform people about holistic health.

My team and I are happy to finally make this course “Happy Godo” with Dr. Peter Greb available to you.

Have fun watching!