What are Tarasoles cork barefoot sandals?

Our handmade & sustainable cork sandals are specially designed for people who prefer the natural walking feeling.

Experience moving freedom for your feet – step by step!

Whether you’re a city slicker, a runner, a hiker, or just a walker, we have sandals that your feet will love!

Our barefoot sandals are suitable for all types of people, men, women, children, teenagers, men or women, there is something for everyone.

We also custom make your barefoot sandal upon request according to your footprint.

We deliberately avoid hard and inflexible footbeds!

By nature, we humans are barefoot walkers. Even as a hunter-gatherer, we walked long distances through the forest barefoot or with very thin leather stockings or sandals. We picked berries and the feet were constantly stressed, so strong muscles were formed. Ligaments and tendons strengthened through the constant movement and natural training. Stiff footbeds would have hindered the feedback of the ground conditions and limited the associated transmission of stimuli to the brain.

Our Tarasoles Huarache guarantee:


Sustainable materials

We use ecological and pollutant-tested materials.

Orthopedic manufacture

Custom sandals can be tailored to your foot.


Handmade sandals

The tarasoles are made in our own manufactories.

“Super sandals, super light and flexible. Looks great, and is comfortable too.”

Kester Mielke

Pleasant to wear and also to clean. Would buy them again.

Klaus Lindner

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