What are Tarasole’s cork barefoot sandals?

Experience the freedom of walking naturally with our handmade Tarasoles cork barefoot sandals.

Our sustainable sandals offer an incomparable barefoot feeling and are the perfect choice for anyone who values materials that have been tested for harmful substances and German craftsmanship.

Handmade sandals that your feet will love.

We deliberately avoid hard and inflexible footbeds!

That’s why we developed the “Naturally Connected” cork barefoot sandal with a lightweight Vibram sole: Enjoy the flexible Tarasoles including sustainable cork for ventilation and wafer-thin Poron cushioning, suitable for any surface.
Ligaments and tendons strengthen through constant movement and natural training. Stiff footbeds hinder the feedback of the ground conditions and the associated transmission of stimuli to the brain is restricted.

Our soles are ideal for hard surfaces!

In this video, I present the “Naturally Connected” sole of our Tarasoles barefoot sandals, which has been specially designed for use on hard floors. While conventional barefoot shoes often only have a very thin sole to maximize ground feedback, our sandals offer the feeling of walking across a soft meadow thanks to the innovative bottom sole. The integrated Poron cushioning is extremely thin, but offers effective protection for the musculoskeletal system against impacts and shocks. The midsole made of sustainable cork latex contributes to optimum ventilation of the foot and can thus reduce perspiration on hot days. The outer material made of soft microfleece, which is produced in our own factories, ensures a comfortable feel. Finally, the Vibram sole profile guarantees excellent grip and stability on both wet and stony surfaces.

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What is vegetable leather?

What is vegetable leather?

Leather, a traditional raw material, has been processed for thousands of years. Tanning makes the skin supple and durable. While classic tanning uses aggressive chemicals such as chrome, vegetable tanning uses natural materials such as bark and leaves to make leather durable and shiny. This process can take one to three months.

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Connecting with the earth through “physical grounding”

Connecting with the earth through “physical grounding”

We live in a world full of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by our power grid, our electronic devices and our wireless connections. These EMFs can affect our health by disrupting our natural electrical state, promoting inflammation, affecting our sleep and worsening our mood. To avoid these negative effects, it is important to connect regularly with the earth, which is a source of negatively charged electrons that can balance and heal our bodies.

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Why do barefoot shoes have thin, flexible soles?

Why do barefoot shoes have thin, flexible soles?

Yes, daily running on thin barefoot soles can be recommended, but only if you adapt your walking and running technique accordingly. This involves a form of movement that is easy on the joints and back. In concrete terms, this means that hard rolling over the heel is avoided and the natural cushioning ability of the ball is used instead. Hard impacts caused by rolling over the heel can cause long-term damage to the musculoskeletal system. With each step, a load of around 90 kg is transferred to the bone chain. These hard knocks are even audible if you put your fingers in your ears while walking.

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Tarasoles barefoot sandals
Tarasoles cork sandals

Our Tarasoles Huarache guarantee:


Sustainable materials

We use ecological and pollutant-tested materials.

From our own production

Custom sandals can be tailored to your foot.


Handmade sandals

The tarasoles are made in our own manufactories.

Super sandals, super light and flexible. Looks great and is also comfortable.

Kester Mielke

Pleasant to wear and also to clean. Would buy them again.

Klaus Lindner

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