Experience the feeling of freedom and comfort with our barefoot sandals. Please refer to the size chart for the Woodstock, Alegria, Easy Flip, Santiago and Woodstock models.

Our custom-made sandals can be individually adjusted and are made to your specifications. Whether you are male, female, young or old, we have the right sandals for you.

Ideal for spring, summer and fall!

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Fast shipping and I am very happy with the shoes! They are nice and light and comfortable to wear. Can’t wait to go on long walks and hikes with them this summer. Thank you very much!

Mega great sandals, if you have out how to adjust them. Have ordered them made to measure for asphalt. Fit perfectly, the delivery arrived after about 2-3 weeks with me. The buttery soft sole and soft leather straps now make them my favorite barefoot shoes. I struggled at the beginning though, as I slipped backwards in the shoe while running. Here it helps to adjust the rear heel strap before putting it on so that there is still about 1cm distance to the rear edge of the sole.

My Huarache classics arrived yesterday and I am thrilled. The design in black suede is timelessly elegant on the foot , very soft and cuddly. When putting it on, the bar on the big toe was a bit unfamiliar thick, but after only half an hour of walking, my foot got used to it and the foot feels very free and and well-bedded. Due to the fact that it is tailor-made, the shoe fits or this touch of nothing also optimally to the foot. In addition, this sandal is also so light that I do not feel the weight at all! I really almost never write reviews, but this time I am really excited and can recommend this sandal without reservation. One more tip: if you take the tailored version, paint your footprint rather generously – when walking or depending on the position, the foot expands or sometimes deviates more to the right or left – so it’s nice if there’s a little buffer.

What is special about our sole?

In this video, I present the “Naturally Connected” sole of our Tarasoles barefoot sandals, which has been specially designed for use on hard floors. While conventional barefoot shoes often only have a very thin sole to maximize ground feedback, our sandals offer the feeling of walking across a soft meadow thanks to the innovative bottom sole. The integrated Poron cushioning is extremely thin, but offers effective protection for the musculoskeletal system against impacts and shocks. The midsole made of sustainable cork latex contributes to optimum ventilation of the foot and can thus reduce perspiration on hot days. The outer material made of soft microfleece, which is produced in our own factories, ensures a comfortable feel. Finally, the Vibram sole profile guarantees excellent grip and stability on both wet and stony surfaces.

Which is the right model for you?

You are unsure which barefoot sandals to order?

In this video you will learn all about the Woodstock, Santiago, Easy Flip and Alegria (men and women)

In this video I give you important tips, because the Tarasoles should fit you well and therefore should be chosen carefully.

Please make sure that you always enter your foot length when ordering. For this purpose we have set up an extra field in the order process.


Custom Tarasoles Sandals

In this video you will learn how the custom sandals differ from each other, which bottom sole and which model suits you.

– Huarache Classic

– Huarache Nappa / Ethno

– Standard, asphalt or mountain model