Huarache “Nappa” (custom made)


Just slip in and slip out! Known from the book “Born to Run”, these minimalist barefoot sandals come closest to the huarache shoes of the Tarahumara Indians. The soft 6mm strap with high quality nappa sheepskin ensures a snug fit and can be easily regulated and adjusted with a simple knot. We recommend these sandals for every occasion, running, hiking and travel sandals.

This sandal is available for immediate delivery after customization.

Bottom sole *

Upper materials *

An overview of the upper materials with pictures can be found here.

Heel strap *


For grounding, we use a copper rivet , which is incorporated into the heel area.

You can upload the footprint here, or send it by post. You can ask us for the postal address by mail.
Please see the instructions for the footprint.

(max file size 256 MB)


The new Huarache Nappa (available immediately after production)

We manufacture these barefoot sandals based on your footprint. Choose your favorite sole:

  • Mountain sole: 4mm Vibram Claw super-tough, mountain profile, 3mm Aero Sorb (feather-light shock absorption) plus surface (for stony ground and outdoors)
  • Asphalt sole: 4mm Vibram Supernewflex lightweight sole, 3mm Aero Sorb plus surface (soft sole)
  • Standard cork sole: 4mm Vibram Supernewflex light sole, 2mm cork latex plus surface (rather harder sole)

The custom-made models are all produced in our manufactory to fit your feet exactly and are therefore excluded from exchange.

The Huarache Nappa can be grounded on request (except the mountain sole) . Learn more about grounding here.

Magnets can only be incorporated into the middle layer of the Asphalt model. Learn more about the magnetic taresoles here.


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