Our Tarasoles reviewed

In this review I want to report in detail on how satisfied I am with my model of Tarasoles in terms of wearing, quality and style.

In advance: The Tarasoles were provided free of charge as test shoes. Thank you very much for that. Despite or precisely because of this, I have taken great care that my Tarasoles test judgment is not affected by this.

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One week tested | Result: very good! (read the full review from Lisa’s blog Travelistme here ).

“My pair of sandals were not custom made, but already fit very well except for one small thing. However, with a little repositioning of the laces, they now fit my feet perfectly. This just makes me wonder how snug a custom fit must be. The wide cords make them very comfortable to wear. But I was most surprised by the soft sole. Extremely pliable, it adapts to the soles of your own feet, so at first I was quite confused because my foot could move the way it wanted. With flip-flops, the sole briefly detaches from the foot, but here it stays in constant contact. A strange feeling at first, but now super comfortable. I can count on the Tarasole not just slipping off my foot.”

Who wears Tarasoles and where do you wear them?

The handmade Huarache sandals are specially made for bale-goers who want to experience the natural “barefoot feeling” every day. Whether in the city, on a training course, in the forest or at home. The bespoke Tarasoles are available in different thicknesses and with different profiles, so that a bale-walker has a secure hold even in winter.

As promised, I would like to share my experiences with my new minimal sandals (Tarasoles or Huaraches) here.

“I really like running very much and a lot barefoot. But every now and then I need protection depending on the ground. With my ideas for light, soft, flat, wide, comfortable and well-to-foot sandals, I have unfortunately not found what I are looking for in common shoe shops. There are tons of flip flops, which also sometimes look really pretty, but either have these thick rubber soles or a stiff and for me far too narrow leather sole.

So I tormented myself through the Internet until I joined the Tarasoles i got stuck. For a long time I thought back and forth whether I would rather make them myself, because there are instructions for this too. But when I added up the material, labor time, etc., I decided to order them so that they would look “nice”.”

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Here is an overview of Barefoot Sandals from Utopia….

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Come on your own feet and free yourself from foot, joint and back discomfort! In this interview you will learn everything about the natural gait and why we developed the Tarasoles sandals. Are insoles and footbeds really the way to more mobility??? When I read about the Tarahumara in the book “Born to run” I knew that the Huarache sandals will make a significant contribution to holistic foot health. Today we manufacture them with soft and flexible soles for children and adults.

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