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Which model is right for you?

Are you still looking for matching super-light barefoot sandals for the summer? Get a general overview of our different Tarasoles barefoot sandals models. The sandals are produced exactly on your footprint. Choose your sole thickness, vegan or leather surface, color and lacing system.

The asphalt model (street sole)

I developed this model on a long pilgrimage.

With prolonged walking or running on asphalt, the bale can become sore due to the heavy load. For this reason, we process a 3 mm AeroSorb intermediate layer, which gives the foot a pleasant soft walking feel. This intermediate layer is a thin and very light attenuation. The material squeezes together a little at each step and immediately re-establishes itself. This keeps the sandal soft and flexible and at the same time gives you sufficient protection against pointed objects.We recommend this model to long-distance runners and people with foot problems (e.g. heel spur).

Our tip: The new Asphalt cork latex model!

Tarasoles for children

Especially the youngest ones like to walk barefoot. Unfortunately, it is often not possible. For the growth of the feet, toe-freeness and flexibility of the shoe soles are of great importance. Both are guaranteed by our barefoot sandals. In this way, children can follow their natural movement in a protected and yet flexible way, almost as barefoot.

The Tarasoles soles are cut from soft and very flexible Vibram soles with a high rubber content. We recommend the thin 4 mm for more barefoot feeling and the 6 mm version for hiking and playing on stony ground.


The Tarasoles Mountain Model

The mountain model (mountain sole) The mountain sole is the most durable compared to the other soles and therefore slightly heavier in weight. We use a 4.5 mm Vibram sole with a special grip profile. The outdoor model is suitable for stony and slippery outdoor tours. This model can be made with magnets on request. Unfortunately, the grounding riycan cannot be processed into the outdoor model. For people who hike longer on harder surfaces, we recommend the 6 mm asphalt model. This sandal keeps your feet protected even on longer tours!

Our tip: The Huarache Classic with mountain sole!