Merchants & Affiliates

By the way: every enthusiastic customer can of course recommend us and become an affiliate with us!

You want to resell Tarasoles or become an affiliate?

Are you looking for a new professional challenge and want to be part of our international team? You should definitely answer the following questions with “yes”:

1. Are you interested in walking barefoot, natural movement and the barefoot footwear?

2. Have you had positive experiences with barefoot sandals/Huaraches” and are you enthusiastic about the Tarasoles?

If you feel addressed, write us an email to:

You can find our Tarasoles at these shops:

The “Barfüßler” shops in Greifswald, Rostock and Dresden!

Discover a variety of different barefoot brands in the Barfüßler shops.

Here you will receive competent advice on the subject of barefoot shoes and healthy exercise.

The Tarasoles sandals are available in sizes in the “Barfüßler” shops and are individually punched and adjusted. A friendly team will explain the lacing and everything else you would like to know about Tarasoles barefoot sandals.

You can get our DIY lacing kits at “Barfüßler” and create your own Tarasoles yourself.