Motusol insoles

Foot, joint and back problems?

Many people only care about their feet when they hurt for a long time. A heel spur, hallux valgus, overload problems in the knee and hip area or other joints can completely take away the joy of movement. Poor and protective postures that increase the symptoms can affect the entire musculature, including the cervical spine. It comes to tension, cramps, poor blood circulation in the skeletal muscles, feet and legs. MOTUSOL® insoles are based on the movement concept of the flow gel, which adapts flexibly to the foot motor function. The flow gel gives the foot a natural, soft feeling while walking and activates the muscles and tendons.

Unfortunately, most shoes are not designed for healthy walking and running. Rigid and hard soles do not allow freedom-loving feet to move naturally.

Therefore our recommendation:

If possible, use flexible insoles in soft shoes. Not only your feet will thank you!

Why MOTUSOL ® flow gel insoles?

Recurring incorrect loads when walking, standing and running often cause pain in the entire musculoskeletal system, especially in the feet and joints. Foot malpositions such as flat feet, splay feet and flat feet are a common cause of complaints. Wrong or bad shoes also contribute to this.

MOTUSOL® flow gel insoles can prevent various complaints through the movement of the flow gel.

Which insoles for barefoot shoes?

When looking for a suitable insole (not just for barefoot shoes), the following criteria were important to me:

1. The foot should be 100% activated

2. The insole should not have a crack or footbed

3. The material should be made in such a way that unpleasant odors do not develop

4. The insoles should be easy to use, without expensive orthopedic manufacturing costs

5. The temperature in the shoe should be pleasantly warm in winter and heat-regulating in summer


How do MOTUSOL ® flow gel insoles work?

The optimally dosed flow gel moves in the soles as the body moves. They adapt individually to the shape of the foot and the movement, a physiodynamic effect. The body must balance this movement, which relieves pressure of up to a third of body weight.

The foot massage resulting from the body movement activates the connected foot muscle chains, the nerves, the lymphatic system and the blood vessels. Thanks to the improved blood circulation, the feet and legs do not tire as quickly and swell less. It feels like a gentle reflexology massage on the soles of your feet.

The movement of the flow gel trains the sense of balance and the muscles. The initially unfamiliar feeling when walking on the MOTUSOL® Fliessgel insoles gradually turns into a pleasant, even wave movement that you get used to very well. Depending on the condition of the muscles, this can take a few hours to two weeks.

After this acclimatization, it is like walking barefoot on sand or grass.

A very pleasant and fantastic feeling.

The advantages of the MOTUSOL® flow gel insoles: