Cork lace-up sandal “Fatima” (children)

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The popular asphalt model is now also available as cork latex variant “Fatima”. The 5mm thick intermediate layer is made of a lightweight and flexible cork latex, which ensures optimal ventilation of the foot. We use a 2mm EVA made from recycled walnut shells for the upper material, which ensures a soft step even on longer tours. The laces can be easily replaced and are recessed into “lace chambers” under the 4mm Vibram sole so that the lace does not wear out when walking from underneath.

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To the product video…. This sandal has different layers of soles:

  • 4 mm Vibram Supernewflex lightweight sole (with high rubber content) with chambers for the laces (for easy replacement)
  • 5 mm cork latex for ventilation and heat and cold insulation
  • 2mm mm walnut EVA
  • Sole upper made of pollutant-tested, skin-friendly OnSteam fleece (anti-bacterial) or suede leather

The “Naturally Connected” cork sole with a touch of walnut cushioning has proven itself on harder and rockier surfaces. At the same time it guarantees foot freedom, flexibility and promotes natural movements. We recommend these sandals for every occasion, comfort, home and travel sandal.


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