Children’s lace-up model (tailor-made)


Our most popular children’s lace-up model, optionally with all undersoles.

This sandal is available for immediate delivery after customization.

Bottom sole *

Upper materials *

An overview of the upper materials with pictures can be found here.

Shoelaces *

An overview of the shoelaces with pictures can be found here.

Grounding & Magnets

Grounding is only possible with the standard and asphalt model!


You can upload the footprint here, or send it by post. Please ask for the postal address of our manufactory by email.
Please see the instructions for the footprint.

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The favorite model of the Tarasoles children’s community! Children love freedom – not only on their feet! The light lace-up model fits perfectly on every child’s foot and lets air into the skin. We offer these barefoot sandals with different bottom soles: Standard cork sole: 4mm Vibram plus 2mm cork latex plus upper (slightly firmer, but very stable) The asphalt bottom sole: consists of three layers: Vibram outsole 6 mm with a high rubber content- black Aero Sorb 3 mm intermediate layer – upper (1.5 mm). The mountain sole has a special 4.5mm grip sole and is suitable for stony surfaces. The 3mm Aero Sorb layer protects children’s feet from hard and sharp objects by “cushioning” them. Your desired upper material is glued low-emission. New to our range is the Onsteam upper (vegan, learn more about the material here ), which is just as robust as leather and is used almost everywhere in orthopedics. The custom-made models are all produced in an orthopedic manufacture to fit children’s feet and are therefore excluded from exchange. The Asphalt and Mountain model is also available with magnets! Learn more about the Magnet Tarasoles here. The magnetic field is the basis of all life on our planet and constantly affects our bodies. Our modern life is further and further away from nature and its earth magnetism, so that as a result we suffer from many symptoms, especially fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, susceptibility to infection, pain, neuralgia, asthma, etc. Electrosmog and EMFs are the main causes of “magnetic field deficiency syndrome”. For this reason, we process high-quality and tested therapy magnets in our tarasoles. They are placed at special acupuncture points (kidney 1 is responsible for the energy balance and is also called the “bubbling source”, another magnet is located at the heel. The magnets are incorporated invisibly into the 3mm Aero-Sorb intermediate layer and are therefore not visible. Athletes and long-distance hikers or runners in particular report more vitality and endurance. For grounding, we use a copper rivet in the heel area, which is incorporated through the sole. Learn more about the grounding tarasoles here.


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