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Instructions for using MOTUSOL® footbeds The footbeds are very helpful and effective, but they should fit the foot. Then an optimal result is achieved in terms of relief, stabilization and running feeling. The insoles cover two shoe sizes, e.g. B. 39/40. They can be adjusted to the length of the foot in the toe area and thus fit into any shoe. Here’s how: Place your foot on the sole, with the heel flush with the back edge. Use a pencil to mark the shape of your foot about half a centimeter in front of your toes, as shown in the picture. Cut away the excess with scissors. The embossed lines are not decisive. The soles can be up to max. be shortened to the last embossed line before the filling. The soles may only be cut in the front of the toe area, not on the side of the edge. Please make sure your shoes are clean and free from sharp objects. Care: The soles are washable up to max. 40 degrees. In the washing machine without fabric softener, up to approx. 800 rpm, use a washing bag. By hand with mild soap. Place on a cloth to dry, air dry. The footbeds adapt to the shape of the foot in a few hours. The initially intense movement of the flowing gel gradually changes into a gentle, pleasant wave movement. Most people walk very well and comfortably with their soles right from the start. If the movement becomes too much at the beginning, it is due to your muscles. It is slowly strengthened through the soles. In that case, you should take them out for 1-2 hours or more, if you feel like it. Wear your MOTUSOL® footbeds slowly if necessary, gradually increase the wearing times. You will get great results and enjoy them for a long time. Note: If a sole should leak, socks, shoes and skin must be cleaned immediately with water. Do not get the non-toxic gel in your eyes. It could cause slight irritation. Our Motusol® flow gel footbeds are tested by TÜV Rheinland, PSA Chemie 07/2016. They are not suitable for PPE safety shoes according to EN ISO 20344:2011, because they must not be modified. Warranty: 6 months on the function with proper use. Tested by: TÜV Rheinland PSA Chemie 07/2016, test report no. 0003274625/90 Currently not to be used in PPE footwear according to EN ISO 20344:2011

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