We live in a world full of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by our power grid, our electronic devices and our wireless connections. These EMFs can affect our health by disrupting our natural electrical state, promoting inflammation, affecting our sleep and worsening our mood. To avoid these negative effects, it is important to connect regularly with the earth, which is a source of negatively charged electrons that can balance and heal our bodies.

“Grounding is a simple and natural way to connect with the earth. It means that we bring our skin into direct contact with the earth’s surface, whether by walking barefoot, swimming, lying or sitting on the ground. Through this contact, we can release the excess electrical voltage in our body to the earth and create an electron balance. This can lead to a number of health benefits, such as

Unfortunately, in our modern way of life we often do not have enough direct contact with the earth, as we mostly live in closed rooms, wear insulating shoes and are surrounded by artificial materials. To solve this problem, we can use grounding products that allow us to connect to the earth even when we are not outdoors. These products consist of conductive materials that are connected to an earthing source, such as a socket or a rod. The Erde-Dich products include e.g:

  • Huarache sandals with copper studs by Tarasoles: These handmade sandals have copper studs that are inserted through the sole and allow direct contact with the foot. So you can enjoy the “grounding effect” while you walk or stand.
  • Organic cotton sheets with silver threads: These sheets are interwoven with silver threads, which have a high conductivity. You can connect the sheet to the grounding of the socket with a metal adapter (or alternatively use a grounding rod directly in the ground in front of the house). This allows you to connect with the earth while you sleep or rest.

Grounding is a simple and effective way to improve your wellbeing by connecting to the natural energy source of the earth. Try it for yourself and feel the difference! 😊