Natural Walking & Running Training

What is Tara- Natural-Walking?

The word “Tara” is the short form of “Tarahumara”.

The Tarahumara, also known as the Raramuri – “those who run fast” – are an indigenous ethnic group living in the Copper Canyons of northern Mexico (known from the book “Born to Run”). Running occupies a high place in their culture. Whether hunting or relaxed walking, they often travel up to 170 kilometers on foot through gorges and valleys in a single day. In many primitive peoples, forefoot walking is still widespread today because it allows gentle and flexible locomotion. More and more long-distance runners are relearning “forefoot running.” Firm and cushioned soles cause many runners to lose intuitive access to this natural running form, which can result in injury and pain. Back pain and tension are prevented by forefoot walking.

“Tara-Natural- Walking” can be practiced completely barefoot, as well as with minimalist barefoot shoes. It is a healthy and joyful alternative to conventional walking and jogging. In tare walking or running, the focus is less on performance improvement and competition. A contemplative basic attitude with mindfulness are the basis to train endurance, flexibility, physical and mental strength.

What is Tara Natural Running?

Natural running is the most natural form of running in the world.

There are famous athletes who can run barefoot even on the track or asphalt. One example is Abebe Bikila, who won the marathon at the 1960 Olympics barefoot. Tarahumara Indians walk up to 170km a day on their minimalist Huarache sandals without pain. What is your secret?

The more natural your run becomes, the lower the risk of injury.

What shoes and clothes are suitable for training?

For Natural Walking & Running I recommend barefoot shoes with soft and flexible soles. For the greatest barefoot feeling, we have developed the Tarasoles sandals (I make these specifically by footprint for walking and running).

Many exercises we will do barefoot without shoes. No poles are needed for walking, but feel free to bring them and try what works for you. Please wear loose and breathable clothing, for light drizzle please bring a rain jacket.



Bunion Yoga

This yoga form was developed by Sabine Schumacher. The simple “asanas” (postures) are practiced both standing and walking. With the help of “bale gait yoga” the body can more easily remember the natural way of walking. This can reduce and prevent pain and tension in the musculoskeletal system. Stability and inner well-being are also promoted.

“Bunion Yoga” can be practiced barefoot or with minimalist barefoot shoes.

Today, people of all ages – preferably in the great outdoors – practice “bunion yoga.”