Bonus videos to improve body statics

Improve your body statics through the “Khin Hin” exercise.

Pay attention to how you shift your weight to the forefoot when walking. The soft ball is a natural cushioning that protects bones and joints from extreme impacts.

My recommendation: wear the Motusol insoles while practicing in barefoot shoes, so you don’t get any pain!


With this exercise you will improve your hip mobility.

Most pain is caused by immobility of the lower back.

My tip is to always make sure you use your hips when taking a slow walk. Try not to push the legs through, but bounce slightly in the knees!


Move your arms while walking!

Walking is a holistic process in which the entire body should be moved through.

My tip: At first, when walking with the Motusol insoles, move your arms a little exaggeratedly and chaotically until you get used to it!


Awaken your toes!

With this exercise you can train your toe flexibility and thereby build your muscles.

My tip: As soon as your foot pain subsides, practice your toe mobility barefoot on a meadow during a slow walk!


Strengthen forces in nature!

This video is balm for body, mind and soul….

My tip: Spend at least 30 minutes a day in the green!