Therapy magnet

Tarasoles with therapy magnets

More than 4000 years ago, the fascinating magic power of magnets was mentioned in Chinese and Hindu writings. In Japan, magnetic field therapy is successfully used even in hospitals and symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscle pain and sleep problems are referred to as magnetic field deficiency syndrome. Traumatology has been researching why magnets stimulate blood circulation and can have a positive effect on injuries, broken bones, pain and convulsions.

Why are magnets useful?

The magnetic field is the basis of all life on our planet and constantly affects our bodies. Our modern life is further and further away from nature and its earth magnetism, so that as a result we suffer from many symptoms, especially fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, susceptibility to infection, pain, neuralgia, asthma, etc.

Electrosmog and EMFs are the main causes of “magnetic field deficiency syndrome”.

For this reason, we process high-quality and tested therapy magnets in our tarasoles. They are placed at special acupuncture points (kidney 1 is responsible for the energy balance and is also called the “bubbling source”, another magnet is located at the heel.

The magnets are incorporated into a 3 mm intermediate layer and can be ordered with a 4 or 6 mm Vibram sole.

Especially athletes and long distance walkers or runners report less fatigue and prefer the “Magnet Tarasoles”.

For athletes, we process the magnets into the asphalt or mountain model. Also as “Huarache Classsic”.

OnSteam can be used as vegan upper material.