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Move naturally

Walking barefoot is the most direct and easiest way people back to natural movement and uprightness. Pain in the musculoskeletal system and in the feet is thus reduced and prevented. In the age of shoes with rigid and fixed soles, people have lost the naturally created “way of walking”. This leads to the fact that 98% of people roll over the heel, instead of relaxed – as seen in children – with the forefoot first. The ball of the foot is the natural “cushioning” of the foot and protects the joints from violent and constant shocks.

What is that actually – bale gait?

When walking over the heel, approximately 50 kilos are transferred to the entire joint and bone chain with every step. The heel strike shakes not only the spine and joints, but also all organs. This leads to physical problems for many people after a few kilometers. The heel is not naturally designed to absorb the shock of our steps, as the bony calcaneus is the beginning of the bone chain when we walk. However, natural movement only takes place when the “muscle chain” is activated and performs the movement. The joints merely provide the direction, the muscle powerfully executes the movement. The bale gait leads to a complete straightening of the body and releases the spine from the hollow back. The head remains straight and upright, which leads to relaxation of the shoulder and neck muscles.


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The ball walk is a “three-phase step”: first the outside and then the inside of the ball touches the ground, last of all the heel. This allows the Achilles tendon to stretch optimally and also strengthens the arch of the foot.

During this phase, the venous pump in the calves kicks in and activates the flow of blood back to the heart. In the heel gait, the venous valves are closed for a short time by tightening the instep of the foot. This can lead to varicose veins and circulatory problems later on.

The ball gait is not limited to the feet. Only upright body statics with a relaxed abdomen is the key to forefoot walking. The impulse to move forward comes from the loose hip movement.

If you want to learn and experience the ball gait or forefoot walking you are welcome to participate in a seminar with us. We also offer training to become a “bale gait coach”.

We will learn the ball gait through simple exercises (outside in the park if the weather is nice) where the body “remembers” the natural gait. This is because every human being is a genetically predisposed bale walker.

Bunion Yoga

This yoga form was developed by Sabine Schumacher. The simple “asanas” (postures) are practiced both standing and walking. With the help of “bale gait yoga” the body can more easily remember the natural way of walking. This can reduce and prevent pain and tension in the musculoskeletal system. Stability and inner well-being are also promoted.

“Bunion Yoga” can be practiced barefoot or with minimalist barefoot shoes.

Today, people of all ages – preferably in the great outdoors – practice “bunion yoga.”

“Walking Sincerely – Being Sincerely”.

This seminar is aimed at people who

  • Are interested in becoming or remaining healthy, flexible and agile in both body and mind into old age.
  • want to find from the outer movement to the inner movement
  • have already dealt somewhat with the topic of “feet, healthy movement and ball gait”, but still have the feeling that the body is not in flow
  • Wear barefoot shoes and want to know more about the natural gait
  • participated in appropriate ball gait seminars and have the feeling that it is about more than just the feet after all
  • are already in the bale gait or would like to start with it
  • would like to experience and feel this movement theme together
  • have the desire to experience an added value of inner and outer development
  • want to enrich their quality of life

Next seminars:

Taster day on donation basis Lower Franconia : Saturday, June 3, 2023 (Maroldsweisach & Altenstein)

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Other places on request

Time: 10-13h

Price: 45 € (incl. online course “The Bale Gait School”)

Location will be announced to the participants upon registration!

Seminar leader: Sabine Schumacher barefoot coach & alternative practitioner

Join us and change not only your movement but your life now.

Beginners and advanced are welcome, sign up soon as the seminar is in high demand and as always a treat of the finest kind!

After the seminar, custom Tarasoles barefoot sandals can be ordered or purchased!

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