The Mexico Project

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Our vision for 2023: Shoelaces from Mexico!

With this project we would like to support the traditional craft culture in Mexico (Central America). For the Tarasoles lace-up sandals and sneakers, we would like to have beautiful colorful laces and fabric patterns made for you in a small weaving mill in Mexico. We have always been fascinated by the beautiful ethnic weaving arts of this culture.

With this project, we want to secure regular income and jobs for the people directly on site.

The Huarache sandals have their origin in Mexico, where they are still made from old car tires directly on the street. The “Raramuris, known as Tarahumara Indians from the best-selling book “Born to Run,” run many miles a day on the huaraches over rocky mountains. We want to link Mexican craftsmanship with sustainable sandals and sneakers with colorful laces.

Support us with your donations and look forward to beautiful colorful laces next summer.

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