Ground yourself sole

Why are Tarasoles with grounding useful?

The word grounding is also known as “Earthing” or “Grounding”.

More and more people are discovering the healing effects of grounding, numerous studies prove the effectiveness.

Many athletes use grounding products to ensure rapid and reliable regeneration.

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Test the grounding for:

Sleep problems, foot, joint and back pain, chronic inflammation and electrosensitivity

How does grounding work?

Our modern life confronts us daily with high health risks caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF). They are primarily generated by our power grid. The constant stay in these EMFs, in our workplaces with computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, etc. and apartments with a variety of electrical lines and devices – and even outside and in our sleeping places – can have a negative impact on our health. Scientific studies have shown that the natural earth field is equipped with negatively charged electrons, which are invaluable to our health. If we walk barefoot on the beach, on a forest path or on concrete, the body can release the excess tension to the earth through the bare feet.

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This is done by electron equalization. Since we no longer have sufficient direct contact with the earth due to the modern way of life, the organism cannot free itself from electromagnetic stress. For this reason, it makes sense to use grounding products. These help to restore the natural electrical state of man.

For earthwe use a special nickel-free copper, which we riveted in the back of the heel of your Tarasoles sandal non-slip. You can’t feel this riener as a pressure point, it’s incorporated into the sole. With a voltometer you can see how the current frequency (volt number) decreases in your body.

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The grounding copper rivets can be incorporated into all Tarasoles models by us with special tool for you.

The exception is the berg model with the 4.5 mm grip sole.

Please understand that we can ONLY process the copper rivets into new tarasoles!

We recommend a leather sole for the grounding sole!!!