Tara Soles – a pleasant surprise of this summer. I bought these huarache sandals on the recommendation of a friend and I was just excited to try them on. And Tara Soles showed me that they are a lot more than just a simple assembly of shoe laces and a thin sole.

Tarasoles is a German brand of handmade barefoot sandals. Sabine, barefoot trainer from Germany and owner of Tarasoles has a lot of helpful videos on her website which can help you with the decision to find the best pair for you.

Sandals are made according to your foot tracing and you have so many options to choose from to make them very unique and special just for your needs.

This year I decided to try their Standard and Asphalt model and they instantly become one of my most worn sandals of this summer.

I bought them also for my oldest two kids, but here I’ll be reviewing only adult sandals, as they are planning to change kids sandals for next year.

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