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Easily and quickly renew your laces

The Tarasoles can be ordered in different lacing variants. You can easily and easily replace your shoelaces and retie your sandals.

We do not ship replacement grandchildren, please contact our lace-up suppliers here. The senkel should be at least 1.80m long.

You can also choose this supplier.

Or use colorful Paracord 550, click here.

Exception Fatlaces, these are simply laced. They should be 1.60m long.

Small tip: if you are looking for very soft 6mm senkel try this one.


How do I renew my cross-lacing?

This lace-up version is the most commonly used huarache lacing for the Tarasoles sandals. It has the advantage that it is pleasantly light and yet bobsleigh-proof fixes your Tarasoles on the foot. We have designed the cross lacing so that the sandal is easy to put on and off without re-knotting it every time (slip on-slip off).

If the cross lacing slips at the back of the heel, please try this heel band fixation.

How does flip flop lacing work?

This lacing is suitable for the flip flop bands 4mm or 6mm.

You can push the knot back and forth when you put on and take off the sandal, so that you don’t have to open the node every time.

You can find thick senkels here.

You can also use this movable node for kreut lacing.

Please order laces here.

Alternative supplier here

How can you replace the laces?

Learn how to replace your old laces with new ones in this video. This guide is for easy cross-lacing.

You can only order new laces here.

Alternative supplier here

Which is the easiest lacing ?

This lacing variant is suitable for the folding laces in flip-flop style. You can also lace up the ribbons around your legs, which looks super chic!

We recommend these laces for reordering.

Cross lacing with the Fatlaces

This lacing is the simplest cross lacing and feels incredibly light and supple on your feet.

You can use any Fatlace with a length of 1.60m- 1.80m.

Click here for the replacement grandchildren.

Alternative supplier here