Handmade barefoot sandals

What are Tarasoles Huarache Barefoot Sandals?

Our handmade sandals are specially designed for people who want to experience the natural “barefoot feeling” in every situation: whether as a city bummer, runner, hiker or simply as a walker – for every occasion we will make you your tailor-made tarasoles!

The Tarasoles are made of orthopaedic and natural materials in our Berlin manufactory.

New! Now also with grounding! You can now order a “ground” into your Tarasoles!

Healthy and Better Life through Grounding

Our modern life confronts us daily with high health risks caused by electromagnetic fields (EMF). They are primarily generated by our power grid. The constant stay in these EMFs, in our workplaces with computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, etc. and apartments with a variety of electrical lines and devices – and even outside and in our sleeping places – can have a negative impact on our health. Scientific studies have shown that the natural earth field is equipped with negatively charged electrons, which are invaluable to our health.

New! Our magnetic tarasoles!

The magnetic field is the basis of all life on our planet and constantly affects our bodies. Unfortunately, our modern life is moving us further and further away from Earth’s magnetism, so that as a result we suffer from many symptoms, especially fatigue, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, susceptibility to infection, pain, neuralgia, asthma, etc.

For this reason, we process high-quality therapy magnets that we have tested not only in our tarasoles.

Especially athletes and long-distance hikers or runners report less signs of fatigue and prefer the “Magnetic Tarasoles”.

Standard model

Our thinnest and non-dampened Tarasoles variant, originally light and flexible Huarache sandals for everyday life, city walks and who likes to feel the underground directly.

Asphalt model

The favorite model of the Tarasoles community! A Model for those who enjoy great exercise from beginners to long-distance runners and people with foot problems.

Mountain model

We tested the mountain model on rocky and slippery outdoor tours. This sandal is a good companion even on longer tours! Only for experienced and trained hiking professionals!

Children's Sandals

Especially children’s feet love our soft Tarasoles sandals! To enable children to move around healthily, protectedly and powerfully, we have developed them. Toe-free for small feet.

Easy Flip Model

Wonderfully light and flexible flip flop alternative for the evening walk, the way to the shop, the beach or the sauna. Also recommended as a bath tab or minimalist slipper.

Be yourself.

Choose your favorite color, your sole thickness, your shoelaces and your preferred upper.

Sole thickness

Choose between a 4mm or a 6mm sole. We use soft, elastic black vibram soles with a high rubber content. For the outdoor model we use an “Aero Sorb” intermediate layer with a special grip sole.

Lace-up variants

Minimalist and light – the Tarasoles remain true to the typical classic look of a Huarachesandale. They are easy to put on and off. The knot does not have to be opened, you can simply “slip” into the sandals. 100 handmade, directly from us from Berlin.


Choose between a vegan model made from recycled walnut shells, blue, red, black upper or a model of colored leather. Our materials are pollutant-tested and suitable for allergy sufferers. We manufacture all sandals from high-quality orthopaedic materials.

Our Tarasoles are:



We use ecological and pollutant-tested materials.


Each sandal is unique and is tailored to your foot.

Made in Berlin

The Tarasoles are manufactured in our own factory.