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The mountain sole is the most durable compared to the other soles and therefore slightly heavier in weight. Many people use these barefoot sandals as outdoor sandals, for an extensive hike in the wild, a paddle tour or a road trip.
We use a 4.5 mm Vibram sole with a special grip profile for the mountain sandals. We have tested the mountain model on rocky and slippery outdoor tours, as well as on longer hiking trails.
Only for experienced and trained hiking professionals! The upper layer consists of a vegan black anti-slip covering, which is water-repellent and extremely durable.
Alternatively, leather, the walnut or the blue and red vegan material can be used as an upper layer.

The Mountain model can be made with magnets on request.

Learn more about the magnetic taresoles here.

Please note: The grounding riycan cannot be processed with this profile.
For people who like to walk grounded – even on harder surfaces – we recommend the 6mm asphalt model.