Standard sole cross lacing 4mm or 6mm

Asphalt or mountain sole cross lacing 4mm or 6mm

Easy flip lacing 6mm

Limited Edition with vegan pineapple leather!

It is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibres made from pineapple leaves.

Which is the right model for you?

Here I give you a general overview of our different Tarasoles barefoot sandals models. The sandals are made exactly on your footprint.

Choose your sole thickness, vegan or leather surface, sill color and lace-up version.




Just give away Tarasoles barefoot sandals!

With us you can get a gift voucher worth your choice. Give a nice portion of health to your loved ones.

This voucher can be charged with the first order.

Send us your footprint and your order!

1. Please stand on a white sheet of paper and edge with a thin pen, your foot. Between the first and second toe please mark a point for the toe band. Finally, draw a 5 cm long line for the richtigen scale additionally on the sheet (incl. your name and address please!) and send it as PDF

2. Please write us your Tarasoles wish model by email to or post(address in the imprint):

  • Your sole thickness (4mm or 6mm)
  • Standard sole or outdoor sole (asphalt or mountain model with aerosorb)
  • Your desired colour of the upper (vegan: blue, cork-optic, walnut, black or faux leather / genuine leather *)
  • Your lacing variant (cross or knot lacing with buckle)
  • Senkel color and senkel thickness (4mm or 6mm)


You will receive an invoice from us after your order. You can then transfer the amount conveniently to our account or with Paypal. For the postage we charge a one-time fee of 5.00 € per Tarasoles sandals order in Germany (otherwise the DHL Maxibrief foreign tariffs per Tarasoles pair). Our Terms and Conditions apply.

You will receive your handmade Tarasoles sandals approx. 5-10 days after receipt of payment (we reserve the right to make any deviations and will be notified by e-mail!).

Individually tailored sandals are made only for your foot and therefore cannot be exchanged.