Outdoor So(h)les

The asphalt model (street sole)

I developed this model on a long pilgrimage.

With prolonged walking or running on asphalt, the bale can become sore due to the heavy load. For this reason we process a 3 mm AeroSorb intermediate layer, which gives the foot back a pleasant soft walking feeling.

This intermediate layer is a thin and very light attenuation. The material squeezes together a little at each step and immediately re-establishes itself. This keeps the sandal soft and flexible and at the same time gives you sufficient protection against pointed objects.

We recommend this model to long-distance runners and people with foot problems (e.g. heel spur).

The mountain model (Mountain sole)

The mountain sole is the most durable compared to the other soles and therefore slightly heavier in weight.

We use a 4.5 mm Vibram sole with a special grip profile. We tested the outdoor model on stony and slippery outdoor tours.

The upper layer consists of a vegan black anti-slip covering, which is water-repellent and extremely durable.

Alternatively, leather, the walnut or the blue and red vegan material can be used as an upper layer.

These top layers are included in the price of 85€.

The Mountain model can be made with magnets on request.

Unfortunately, the grounding rivet cannot be processed into the Berg model.

For people who hike longer on harder surfaces, we recommend the 6 mm asphalt model.

This sandal keeps your feet protected even on longer tours!

Optionally with the new black anti-slip surface!

Compare these outdoor model variants:

Mountain model

4.5 mm sole, 3 mm AeroSorb, upper 2 mm

Asphalt model

4mm or 6 mm sole, 3 mm AeroSorb, upper 2 mm

For the upper you can choose the vegan version in cork-look, blue, red, walnut and black (optional anti-slip). On request also black or brown (synthetic) leather.

Choose your lace color

Send us your footprint and your order!

1. Please stand on a white sheet of paper and edge your foot with a thin pen. Between the first and second toe please mark a point for the toe lacing. Finally, draw a 5 cm stroke for the correct scale additionally on the sheet (incl. your name and address please!) and send it as PDF to: info@tarasoles.com

2. please write us your desired Tarasoles model by email(info@tarasoles.com):

  • Your sole thickness (4mm or 6mm)
  • Standard sole or outdoor sole (asphalt or mountain model with aerosorb)
  • Your desired color of the upper material (vegan: blue, cork-look, walnut, black, faux leather or leather *)
  • Your lacing variant (cross or simple knotted lacing)
  • Senkel color and senkel thickness (4mm or 6mm)

*Available leather colors: black, brown, light blue, velour orange, red, dark blue, wine red.

Imitation leather: brown or black.

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