Kids So(h)le

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Why do children love barefoot sandals?

Especially the youngest ones like to walk barefoot. Unfortunately, it is often not possible.

For the growth of the feet, toe-freeness and flexibility of the shoe soles are of great importance. Both are guaranteed by our barefoot sandals. In this way, children can follow their natural movement in a protected and yet flexible way, almost as barefoot.

Learn all about natural movement in children here in this blog article.

The material

We use pollutant-tested soft foam materials from orthopaedics or (art) leather.

Leather has great and natural properties. It regulates the foot climate, is robust and very durable. We process natural and high quality selected leather. Available leather colors: black, brown, light blue, velour orange, red, dark blue, wine red, pink, purple. Please write us your desired color in the order.

We recommend a 4mm or 6mm vegan sole as a children’s model.

Learn more about it in the film on the left.

Sole thickness

The Tarasoles soles are cut from soft and very flexible Vibram soles with a high rubber content. We recommend the thin 4 mm for more barefoot feeling and the 6 mm version for hiking on rocky ground.

There is also the possibility of making an asphalt model or a mountain model for children. We recommend these models especially for outdoor use.

For the surface we use a black anti-slip material.

For this we charge a surcharge of 20 euros.

Barefoot shoes for kids

Dr. Peter Greb, the author of the book “Ballengang” describes in this film why barefoot shoes are useful for children.

Do children need insoles?

More and more parents ask us if we recommend insoles for children. We say “no” to insoles and recommend barefoot shoes for children.

Our "Barfusswege" Blog

Learn all about going barefoot and ball walking on this blog. Watch more videos and read about “Natural Movement”.

Model variants

Choose between the following models:

(all models are of course also available for children)

Cross lacing

Cross lacing fatlaces

Asphalt model

Mountain model

Choose your lace here: For children we recommend the Fatlaces or 4mm round laces!

Send us your footprint and your order!

1. Please stand on a white sheet of paper and edge your foot with a thin pen. Between the first and second toe please mark a point for the toe lacing. Finally, draw an additional 5 cm line for the correct scale on the sheet (incl. your name and address please!) and send it as a PDF to:

2. please write us your desired Tarasoles model by email(

  • Your sole thickness (4mm or 6mm)
  • Standard sole or outdoor sole (asphalt or mountain model with aerosorb)
  • Your desired color of the upper material (vegan: blue, red, cork-look, walnut, black, faux leather, anti-slip black or leather *)
  • Your lacing variant (cross or simple knotted lacing)
  • Senkel color and senkel thickness (4mm or 6mm)

*Available leather colors: black, light and dark brown, light blue, velour orange, red, dark blue, wine red.

Imitation leather is available in brown and black.

Vegan materials: blue, walnut, cork-look, black.